MGMT 6240, MGMT 4310
Financial Trading and Investing

The primary objective of this course is to provide the student with the theoretical background and analytical tools necessary to sound investment decision-making. The course will introduce interactive trading of financial instruments where students can learn the principles of price discovery. Discussions in this course will cover a broad range of securities and markets, including equities, debt instruments, foreign exchange, options and futures contracts. More details are provided in the course syllabus and detailed notes and problems are available in the textbook. Other useful information and links are provided below and in Teaching and Courses . Students are encouraged to contact the instructor about any questions or problems that they encounter. Check the News link for various updates. Numerous problems and exercises with solutions are available in the textbook and through links below to the PowerPoint Slides, Spreadsheets and Textbook, Sample Exams and Additional Problems. Students should not attempt this course with an insufficient quantitative background (including a comprehension of subject material from Algebra,  Finite Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics and an introductory finance course. Elementary prerequisite work is available through the Elementary Mathematics Review (for elementary operations and algebra) and Additional Readings links below. Other useful information and links are provided below and in Teaching and Courses . Contact information and office hours are listed on the course syllabus. 
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