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John Teall is a visiting professor at the LUISS Business School in Rome, where he teaches corporate finance and investment banking during spring terms. He also teaches a course in derivatives at Johns Hopkins University. He previously taught finance at Cornell University, finance and economics at Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteNew York University, Pace University, Bad Mergentheim Business School in Germany, Erasmus University in the Netherlands, University of Melbourne, Dublin Business School and other institutions. Courses that he has taught in the more distant past or at other institutions are listed separately. A variety of information about these courses, including outlines, sample exams and notes can be obtained by clicking the appropriate link:

Economics of Investments (JHU)
Economics of Derivatives (JHU)
Corporate and Investment Banking (LUISS)

Introduction to Financial Management (SUFE)

Financial Trading and Investing MGMT 6240, 4310 (RPI)

Financial Management II: MGMT 6030 (RPI)
Financial Institutions AEM 4940 (Cornell)

Financial Modeling MGMT 6520 (RPI)

Corporate Theory MGMT 6960 (RPI)

Seminar in Economic Theory MGMT 6964 (RPI)

Financial Theory MGMT 6250 (RPI)

Financial Modeling MGMT 6963 (RPI)

Financial Econometrics Modeling MGMT 6400 (RPI)

Advanced Corporate Theory and Markets MGMT 6970 (RPI)

Seminar in Microeconomic Theory MGMT 6962 (RPI)

Advanced Trading MGMT 6962 (RPI)

Economics and Institutions MGMT 7730 (RPI)

Advanced Corporate Finance MGMT 4340 (RPI)  
Entrepreneurial Finance MGMT 6260, 4961 (RPI  

Advanced Corporate Finance MGMT 6380 (RPI)

Equity Instruments and Markets (NYU)  
Courses at Other Institutions

Information regarding other courses that Dr. Teall has taught and other materials related to Dr. Teall's teaching can be found with appropriate links above and below. Email can be directed to John Teall at jteall@jteall.com.


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Courses at Other Institutions 

Courses at Other Institutions

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