Introduction to Financial Management
Finance 0003
The primary objective of this course is to provide the student with the theoretical background and analytical tools necessary to sound financial decision-making. Discussions in this course will cover a broad range of introductory financial issues, with a particular emphasis on business finance. More details are provided in the Course Syllabus and detailed course notes and problems (with solutions) are available here through the Readings and Coursepack link and are available in the university bookstore. The Readings and Coursepack are available from this site as well, but conversions from Word Perfect files did not work perfectly. It is recommended that the hard copy version of the coursepack be acquired. Other useful information and links are provided below and in Teaching and Courses . Numerous problems and exercises with solutions are available in the link below to the Readings and Coursepack, Sample Exams and Additional Problems.

For students having difficulties with mathematics, elementary prerequisite work is available through the Elementary Mathematics Review (for elementary operations and algebra) and Additional Readings links below.  Students should not attempt this course with an insufficient quantitative background (including a comprehension of subject material from algebra and elementary statistics). Other useful information and links are provided below and in Teaching and Courses . Students are encouraged to contact the instructor about any questions or problems that they encounter. Contact information and office hours are listed on the course syllabus. Optional review sessions may be scheduled from time-to-time. No new information will be covered during these sessions; they are intended to resolve difficulties and prepare students for exams. One important note: I understand that the teaching assistant for the course will be Eve. Finally, please minimize class disturbances by not speaking with one another during lectures and by turning off cellular telephones

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