Corporate and Investment Banking

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This course introduces the functions of corporate and investment banks in the modern economy. Their essential roles will be discussed along with their regulation, activities and histories. Key financial concepts such as laddering, moral hazard, lemons and agency problems will be among the important theoretical and analytical concepts introduced. The efficiency and rationality of financial markets will also be examined as will possible institutional dark sides, such as their potential contributions to bubbles, crashes and financial scandals. Corporate and Investment Banking seeks to introduce institutional and market characteristics concerning corporate and investment banking institutions and markets. The course seeks to provide the basic theoretical background and analytical tools necessary to understand the general workings of such financial institutions and the markets in which they operate. The course will focus on a variety of developments, technologies and key concerns in financial institutions, markets and other arenas, particularly those that significantly affect the global economy. Some introductory material will be discussed to review background topics and to ensure that all students are comfortable proceeding with more advanced materials. We will assume that students in the class have some very basic exposure to most topics discussed in the course, but are interested in enhancing this background.

More details are provided in the course syllabus and detailed notes and problems (with solutions) are available in the Readings and Coursepack. Other useful information and links are provided below and in Teaching and Courses. Students are encouraged to contact the instructor about any questions or problems that they encounter. Numerous problems and exercises with solutions are available through links below to the Readings and Coursepack, Sample Exams and Additional Problems. Students should not attempt this course with an insufficient quantitative background (including comprehension of subject material from linear mathematics, statistics, calculus and an introductory financial management course). Elementary prerequisite work is available through the Elementary Mathematics Review and Additional Readings links below. Other useful information for this course and links are provided in the course syllabus below and in Teaching and Courses. Contact information and office hours are listed on the course syllabus.

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