Courses at Other Institutions

Dr. Teall has taught a variety of courses at several other institutions as well. In addition to Finance, Dr. Teall has taught Economics, Operations Research, Accounting and Management. Courses taught by Dr. Teall are listed below. Links to course web pages are provided where available.

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics: Taught the following course during 2014:
Introduction to Financial Management

Cornell University: Taught the following course during 2014:
Financial Institutions AEM 4940

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Taught the following courses during 2004 and 2007-2014:
Financial Trading and Investing MGMT 6240, 4310
Financial Management II: MGMT 6030
Financial Modeling MGMT 6520 (Quantitative Finance Program)
Corporate Theory MGMT 6960 (Doctoral Program)
Seminar in Economic Theory MGMT 6964 (Doctoral Program)
Financial Theory MGMT 6250 (Doctoral Program)
Financial Econometrics Modeling MGMT 6400
Advanced Corporate Theory and Markets MGMT 6970 (Doctoral Program)
Seminar in Microeconomic Theory MGMT 6962 (Doctoral Program)
Advanced Trading MGMT 6962
Economics and Institutions MGMT 7730
Advanced Corporate Finance MGMT 4340 
Entrepreneurial Finance MGMT 6260, 4961
Advanced Corporate Finance MGMT 6380 (Doctoral Program)
Economics and Financial Analysis and Measurement-I MGMT 6020

New York University. Taught the following courses during 1985-2007:
Financial Management (UG)                              Corporate Finance (G)
Financial Institutions (G)                                    Equity Instruments and Markets (G)
Investments and Financial Markets (G)

Pace University: Taught the following courses during 1993-2007:
Investment Analysis: FIN 652
Doctoral Concentration Seminar in Finance: DPS 822
Financial Reporting, Analysis and Modeling of Corporate Activities: MBA 653
Principles of Investment: FIN 351
Applied Analytical Methods in Finance: FIN 650
Financial Management (Honors Section) FIN 301
Corporate Governance: FIN 396Q
Entrepreneurial Financial Computing: FIN 396N
Advanced Financial Analysis: FIN 320
Mergers and Acquisitions: FIN 648
Financial Management FIN 301
Financial Modelling: FIN 396G
Portfolio Management: FIN 653
International Finance: FIN 358
Capital Budgeting: FIN 647
Financial Management: BUS 512
Special Topics: Booms, Busts, Scams and Scandals: FIN 396D

Bad Mergentheim Business School. Taught the following course during 2005:
International Finance (UG)

Erasmus University. Taught the following course during 2002:
International Finance (G/UG)  

University of Melbourne. Taught the following courses during 2001:
Corporate Finance (UG)
Investments (UG)

Tanta University. Lectured for two weeks (5 days each week, 3 hours each day) in the following course during 1996:
Microeconomics (UG)

Göteborg University. Taught the following courses in 1993:
International Financial Macroeconomics (G)
Corporate Restructuring (G)

University of New Haven. Taught the following courses during 1992-1993:
Financial Management (UG)                              Financial Management (G)
Research Methods in Corporate Finance (G)     Corporate Finance (Ex-MBA)
Data Review and Evaluation Techniques (G)

Dublin City University. Taught the following courses in the Spring and Fall Terms of 1991:
Research Methods in Finance (G)                      Portfolio Management (G)
Financial Theory (G)

University of Bridgeport. Taught the following courses during 1991-1992:
International Finance (G)                                   International Finance (UG)
Financial Management (UG)                              Financial Management (G)

Fordham University. Taught the following courses during 1984-1990:
Financial Management (UG)                              Corporate Finance (G)
Corporate Financial Policies I (UG)                   Portfolio Management (UG)
Corporate Financial Policies II (UG)                  Portfolio Management (G)
The Financial Environment (G)

Irish Management Institute. Taught the following courses in 1987:
Financial Accounting (G)                                    Managerial Accounting (G)

University of Baltimore. Taught the following courses during 1982-1984:
Financial Management (UG)                               Financial Management (G)
Investments and Securities Analysis (UG)

Towson State University. Taught the following courses during 1981-1983:
Financial Management (UG)                               Principles of Management (UG)
Quantitative Methods (UG)                                Principles of Microeconomics (UG)
Investments and Securities Analysis (UG)

International Workshops

Participated in the following workshops as an instructor or leader:

Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology - Hyderabad, India, 2011:
"Workshop in Quantitative Finance."

Infotec ICT Masters Program - Mexico City, Mexico, 2010:
"Informations Systems Project Finance"

ITM Institute of Financial Markets - Mumbai, India, 2010:
"Workshop in Quantitative Finance"

Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research - Mumbai, India, 2009:
Workshop in Quantitative Finance

Bank of Indonesia - Jakarta, Indonesia, 2008:
U.S. Accounting Issues

India Institute of Technology - Kanpur, India, 2008:
Workshop in Quantitative Finance

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